Bonfire Night Crafts

Bonfire Night Crafts  – sometimes the most fun on bonfire night is the games and crafts especially if it’s to wet and cold to be outside. Home-Start MAJIK team have put together a few ideas to keep the kids busy.

Bonfire Collage 

You will need:

Large sheet of gold card
Glue stick
Yellow, red and orange tissue or crepe paper
Brown paper or card
Sticky tape


Cut a bonfire shape from card.

Cut flames from the tissue paper and glue them to the card. Try not to glue them flat but bend them and only stick bits down to add texture and make the flames look more real.

From brown paper cut some rectangular “log” shapes and glue these to the bottom of the fire. Finish off by taping on some real twigs to bring the collage to life and add even more texture.

Rocket Book Mark 

Craft foam or felt in two colours
Popsicle (lolly) stick
Sparkly pipe cleaners (chenille stems)
PVA / White glue
Star sequins or a star punch and sparkly paper

Cut out a triangle and a rectangle from the foam. Glue the triangle to the top of the rectangle. Glue the lolly stick to the bottom of the rectangle.

Cut two pipe cleaners in half and glue them to the bottom of the rocket. Punch out lots of paper stars (or use sequins) and, putting a dab of glue on the back of each, glue them along the pipe cleaners. Make sure your bookmark dries thoroughly before using it!

Firework Display

Spectacular Firework Display 

  1. Let each child select a cardboard tube. Cut longer tubes into shorter pieces e.g. we cut a nesting tube into two. Get the children to paint their tube with colours that reminds them of fireworks. While the paint is wet, why not roll the tube in glitter similar to the gold firework in our picture. Allow the tubes to dry.
  2. In the meantime, lay all the pipe cleaners out on a table and let the children choose which one they like. Encourage them to wrap one or two pipe cleaners around a pencil to create whorls and spirals. Cut strips of foil and tissue paper too.
  3. Gather together the pipe cleaners, foil and tissue paper into a bunch and push them into a tube. Fan them out and add star stickers to finish.

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