Top Zero Waste Activities


Wet, wet, wet – good name for a band – not so great for the school holidays!

It’s as inevitable as night following day – during the school holidays, sooner or later, it’ll rain.  And I don’t just mean a drop or two.  I mean the kind of rain that makes you consider going on a carpentry course so you can build your own ark.

So we’ve tried to pull together a small selection of ‘Zero Waste(ish)’ ideas to keep you and the wee ones entertained:

8 ideas for what to do with the kids on a rainy day:

  1. Play a game/do a jigsaw – Charity shops are great for finding board games and jigsaw puzzles.  You can have fun choosing the games/jigsaws, raise a bit of money for charity, play the game/make the jigsaw, and then take them back to the charity shop when you’re finished with them so they can raise even more money for charity
  2. Get crafting – make a paper dinosaur – this suggests using paper plates (which of course a true zero-waster wouldn’t have in their house) and wiggle eyes, but we’re sure you can come up with a suitable alternative using up things lying around in the house (such as the cardboard you often get on the back of a note pad).
  3. Make a cake – kids love baking, so why not see what you’ve got in the kitchen cupboard or fridge and find a recipe on the Love Food Hate Waste website and get baking.  The fruit bowl buns sound like a great way to use up fruit that you’ve got around the house.
  4. Visit a museum or art gallery (by bike or public transport of course).  There are museums showing all sorts of weird and wonderful things from paintings to bikes to gemstones and even cows!  Visit Scotland features a wide range on their website.
  5. Go for a walk and try to find at least 10 different trees – try this, wearing your best waterproofs of course (remember there’s no such thing as bad weather – just inappropriate clothing!)
  6. Have a fashion show – Here’s a fun way to spring clean the childrens’ wardrobes – put on a fun fashion show! Place lamps in your hallway and pop some fun music on the stereo, then get your kids to strut their stuff down your makeshift catwalk. Cheer them on from your audience chair at the end of the hall, as you decide whether each item is ready for the rag-bag or charity shop, delegated to the hand-me-down or sewing baskets, or still fine to wear for another season.  De-cluttering has never been so much fun!
  7. Make a rain catcher – This rain catcher will make the kids look forward to the rain as they can measure the amounts in their rain catchers and keep a journal.  You can even bring in some maths challenges for them, calculating averages per week or month.
  8. Make a wormery – Love or hate worms – kids are fascinated by them.  Making their own wormery can be fun to do, but also educational as you can talk to them about worms, food waste and growing food.  And at the end of the project, you’ll get your own vermicompost to use in your garden.


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