Facebook to the rescue!

Facebook to the rescue, recently on Facebook someone appealed for help and one of our former families mentioned us..this is what she said about us! Three Kids, Happy Family

“Don’t know where you are in the world but in the uk there is a great charity called Homestart. They helped me loads. It’s for single parents experiencing isolation. When this angel came to asses me James and asked me what I needed in a volunteer. I answered simply a mum someone else to love my kids and someone to have a blether with. I qualified for a volunteer. A few weeks later Dee came with a wonderful woman nana Senga. Within weeks my kids called her nana and twice a week for a few hours I had time to either be alone and help at a local charity shop, go to the gym, walk my dog or just have a coffee. It was my golden time. Now that was 3 years ago (almost) nana is still with us she has my kids 2 afternoons a week although not through the charity as it’s a 1 year support I was given 2. I’ve started my own business and I’m doing great on my own. I think when they are babies it’s harder as there is no communication. There is help out there ask for it. That support was invaluable to me and still is can’t sing their praises enough. God bless x Nicola ”

Facebook often can be a real source of help and information when you don’t know where else to go, there are many parenting and support groups that can be found in every area, in this instance a mum appealed for help on a single parent page in her area and Nicola immediately knew that Home-Start Majik was just the place for her to come to for support


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