Seed Bombs for a beautiful garden


How to Make Seed Bombs

Learning how to make seed bombs is a great activity for kids. It’s fun, easy to do and can be easily adapted to the environmental needs of the community. The seed ball recipe can be altered simply by changing the seeds. ?

How to make flower seed bombs

Turn a dull area  into a wonderland of grasses, cosmos and zinnias. Let your kid’s imaginations run wild. Making seed bombs is a terrific way to spend a rainy afternoon at the kitchen table or out in the garage.

The seed ball recipe is seed bombseasy to follow and, for older children, doesn’t require intense adult supervision.

Why not gather the ingredients ahead of time so they’re ready for that rainy day!




Seed Ball Recipe

2 parts potting soil

5 parts pottery clay mix from your local art store

1-2 parts waterkids

1-2 parts seeds of your choice

Large tub to mix ingredients

Large box to dry and store seed bombs


Mix the soil, clay and 1 part water thoroughly. There should be no lumps. Slowly add more water until the mixture is the consistency of the toy store molding clay that comes in a can. Add seeds. Keep kneading the dough until the seeds are well mixed in. Add more water if necessary. Take small bits of the clay mixture and roll into ball about one inch in diameter. The bomb should hold together easily. If they’re crumbly, add more water.

Dry seed bombs for 24-48 hours in a shady place before sowing or storing.

They store best in a cardboard box. Do not use plastic bags.

The last step in how to make flower seed bombs is sowing them. Yes, you can place them carefully over the area to be planted or you can gently toss them one at a time, which is a lot more fun. Don’t bury them and don’t water them. You’ve done your job, now sit back and leave the rest to Mother Nature.

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