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There are so many different ways in which you can get involved with Home-Start Majik.

You can:

Find information on all the different ways you can help below.

Making Referrals

How to refer a family to Home-Start MAJIK

If you are a health visitor, midwife or professional in the social care and childcare sector you can find out more by reading our referrers leaflet here. If you want to make a referral now then follow these simple steps.

You should:

  • Discuss Home-Start MAJIK with the family – they MUST agree to receive support.
  • Establish that the family has at least one child under five – this is key to Home-Start MAJIK’S support.
  • Contact Home-Start MAJIK and speak to the coordinator for your area
    • Sharon Erskine (Scheme Manager/ Bute) – 07435 595 054
    • Melissa McCrossan (Cowal) – 07444352677
    • Kelly Coats (Kintyre, Islay ) – 07917 285 154
  • Complete a referral form that indicates the family’s needs. Click here to download.

Home-Start MAJIK will:

  • Set up an initial visit with the family to discuss their needs and tell them all about Home-Start MAJIK.
  • Carefully match the skills and experiences of a volunteer to the needs of the family.
  • Introduce the volunteer to the family (this may take time and if a suitable match cannot be made then you will be informed).
  • Let you know when Home-Start MAJIK support starts and ends.
  • Keep you informed, within confidentiality guidelines, about progress.

Family Volunteer

Across the UK thousands of Home-Start volunteers visit families at home each week, supporting parents in situations as diverse as isolation, bereavement, multiple births, illness, disability or who are just finding parenting a struggle. They provide non-judgmental practical and emotional support and help build the family’s confidence and ability to cope. Home-Start runs more services and has more volunteers supporting more families than any other family support charity in the UK.

All Home-Start schemes are supported by Home-Start UK, which provides training for staff, volunteers and trustees, information and guidance on governance, legal and human resources issues and help with fundraising and communications.

A quick guide to becoming a Home-Start family volunteer

  • You must be a parent or have parenting experience.
  • As a Home-Start volunteer you will support a family by visiting them at home for around three hours, once a week.
  • You should be able to commit at least a year of your time to Home-Start.
  • You should have a non-judgmental attitude and understand about the pressures of bringing up a family.
  • You will have to attend our free Volunteer Preparation Course with other new volunteers before meeting your first family.
  • Expenses are paid during training and while you support a family.
  • You must understand that your support for families is completely confidential.
  • You will have to undergo an PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) record check at enhanced level.
  • You will be supported by your local Home-Start during the time you are visiting families.

How can I find out more?

If you wish to find out more details, please contact Home Start MAJIK on 01369 702418 or read through our Volunteer Information Sheet.
or email our office and we will get back to you to discuss how you can become involved. Or you can download and complete Volunteer Application Form and send it to us.


Home-Start MAJIK is governed and managed by a group of Trustees. Trustees are all unpaid volunteers who come from a range of backgrounds and communities across Argyll & Bute.

Trustees work in partnership with staff and volunteers to support families and to give children the best start in life. They are appointed on the basis of their interest in Home-Start MAJIK and by their skills.

Roles and responsibilities are defined through Home-Start UK training, to make sure Trustees have the necessary qualities, skills and knowledge to govern effectively and responsibly ensuring that legal and financial obligations are met.

Some of our most exciting current projects are entirely funded by charitable trusts. In recent years, trusts have funded work to broaden our approach to evaluation; helping us develop our monitoring and evaluation systems so we can demonstrate the effectiveness of our service for families; and work to strengthen the governance of local Home-Start Majik trustee board.

Do you have the time to be a trustee?

Our trustees meet approximately every other month to discuss matters arising from staff meetings, policies, approve spending and help apply for funding.

If you think you can help why not contact:

Sharon (Scheme Manager / Bute) – 07435 595054

Mel(Cowal) –  07444352677

Kelly Coats (Kintyre) – 07917 285 154



There are many ways to help Home-Start MAJIK and we are lucky enough to be able to count on the continued support of local organisations. Our sponsors support us financially and we are very grateful.

Kintyre Health & Wellbeing Network
Bute Health & Wellbeing Network
Brook Trust
Cowal Health & Wellbeing network
Islay Health & Wellbeing Network
Argyll and Bute Council
Scottish Community Foundation (recently changed name)
Lloyds TSB
Women’s Fund for Scotland

Just as important are those who promote our work through their own networks and associations.

We are pleased to be supported by the following throughout Argyll & Bute:

  • Social work
  • GPs
  • Health Visitors
  • Local Councillors
  • Toddlers and playgroups
  • Head teachers and staff
  • Pre-school groups
  • Primary & Secondary Schools
  • Local Religious groups
  • Other Voluntary Organisations

We are always open to contact from anyone who might want to build our network of support. If you want to get involved contact us here. Or if you feel you would like to become a trustee please read our Trustee Information Pack or fill out a Trustee Application form.



Frequently asked Questions

How can I find out more?

If you wish to find out more details, please contact our office on
01369 702418 or email us and we will get back to you to discuss how you can become involved.
If you would prefer you can contact the coordinator for your specific area
Sharon Erskine (Scheme Manager/ Bute):  – 07435 595 054

Melissa McCrossan (Cowal): – 07444352677

Kelly Coats (Kintyre & Mid Argyll): – 07917 285 154

What is Home-Start?

Home-Start is a national charity with schemes in hundreds of local communities. We recruit and train volunteers to help families with young children. Our volunteers, who know about being a parent, support other parents by visiting them in their own homes for a couple of hours each week. We also run special family groups and hold social events for families.

What kind of families would I be helping?

All kinds of families can find it hard to cope for all sorts of reasons, maybe because of the illness or disability of a child or because of post-natal illness, bereavement or loneliness. At Home-Start we support any parent with young children who asks for our help and our supported families, like our volunteers, come from all walks of life.

Can my support and friendship really make a difference?

All parents know that those early years before children go off to school are vital in a child’s life and at Home-Start we believe parents have the key role in creating a secure childhood for their children. It’s just that sometimes they need a bit of help…your help.

As a volunteer what would I actually do?

Usually you visit a family in their own home once a week for a couple of hours. How you help is really down to the family itself. Some might need someone to talk to… others may need more practical support with meal planning and cooking, reading to the children, going to the local park, or finding out about local services.

Do I need any qualifications to be a volunteer?

The only real ‘qualification’ is experience of bringing up children. Friendliness and a caring attitude are essential as well as an understanding of the pressures of parenting. We value people who don’t judge others; people who will respect the fact that they have been invited into a family’s home; people who will treat a mother or father as an equal.

Do volunteers get any training?

Yes, we give high priority to the recruitment, induction, training and support of all our volunteers. You will be supported during your training and throughout your contact with families. Home-Start’s highly rated Preparation Course is also accredited by the Open College Network. If your scheme offers this accreditation you will be able to gain credits through formal recognition of your Home-Start training.

Can I help without visiting families?

Yes. Schemes also need volunteers to help run family groups and social activities and to help raise funds. They also need volunteer trustees to help manage their work.