Pancake Day Fun and Crafts

Pancake Day Fun and Crafts

Pancake Day in the UK is also known as Shrove Tuesday, and is celebrated as Carnival and Mardi Gras elsewhere in the world. Next enjoyed on 28th February 2017, it was traditionally a day of fun and feasting before the fasting required during 40 days of Lent.

We’ve put together some crafty ideas

Creative Development
1. Make paper pancakes – on a circle of brown paper use collage materials that resemble fillings that could be put onto a pancake – talk to the children in about the types of toppings they could use ..use fruit pictures from gardening magazines, cut out and paste on!

Chocolate sauce = Brown poster paint in a small squeezy bottle!

2. Sew a pancake by cutting a small circle in brown felt.
Sew together the outer edge but leave the top open so that strawberry/lemon/kiwi/shaped felt or paper shapes can be pushed into the top.


5 golden pancakes, cooking in a pan
Toss them up and catch them if you can……
Along came …. (child’s name) with a plate and spoon
took a golden pancake and then left the room!!!

Continue with 4 golden pancakes…..
Have paper chef’s hats and white aprons in your home corner,
Bowls, spoons, whisks, jugs, plates, frying pans etc for the children to play at being in a bakery and cooking/tossing the pancakes!

Knowledge & understanding of the World
Use Magical’s PDF to explain how the pancakes were made, cooked then eaten !

Personal Social Emotional
Likes and dislikes! Which topings and fillings do the children prefer?
Let the children wash up a few of the dishes after cooking the pancakes, to show them how it is good practice to clean and look after the equipment.


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