Kitchen Fun with Your Toddler

The Kitchen is always where the fun can be found


Kitchen Fun for Toddlers

The kitchen is the heart of a home, so relax and have fun with our list of 30 things to do in the kitchen before you’re 3.

  1. Have a go at making playdough – it’s easy, cheap and heaps of fun!
  2. Get squishy and make some playdough pets – what’s yours called?
  3. Decorate a wooden spoon as a storybook character and tell a funny story
  4. Make some awesome green gloop with this easy recipe, 1, 2, 3… eww!
  5. Make a slimy sensory bag using hair gel and a sandwich bag
  6. Take the plunge and have a go at water play – all you need are some plastic toys and water
  7. Have a go at finding different colours in your kitchen. Can you see anything red?
  8. Make some waves in your washing up bowl using bubbles and plastic cups
  9. Get your heart racing with a plastic cup race. Ready, steady… blow!
  10. Cook some alphabetti spaghetti and spell out your name
  11. Get gooey and try painting with yoghurt  – it’s great fun and really tasty!
  12. Cook some spaghetti for lunch then dip the leftovers in paint and make a worm picture
  13. Create an underwater adventure in a plastic bottle
  14. Get a piece of string and some dry pasta to make a necklace
  15. Play ‘guess the smell’ with different foods in the kitchen
  16. Explore what’s in the cupboards and read out the labels
  17. Take a look at a cookery book and choose a yummy recipe to make
  18. Have a shot at potato printing with some halved raw potatoes and colourful paint
  19. Take an old empty jar, fill it with rice and shake along to a song
  20. Wash some vegetable in the sink before dinner
  21. Decorate a box with paint, pipecleaners and anything else you can find
  22. Wobble wobble! Have a shot at making some jelly with Mum or Dad
  23. What do you like in your sandwich? Have a go at making your own
  24. Make fruit kebabs – all you need is fruit, a skewer and a grown up helper
  25. Give the chef a hand mashing the tatties for dinner
  26. Put the radio on in the kitchen and have a dance-off
  27. Pull out some pots and pans and make a drum kit
  28. Make some soapy bubbles and grow a funny bubble beard
  29. Have you tried cracking an egg? Get someone to show you how
  30. Be a wee helper and set the table at dinner time

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