Halloween Games for 2017

Halloween Games for 2017

We’ve put together a few of our favourite Halloween games and we’re sure that you will love these – even the messy ones. If the weather is pretty good why not consider taking the party outside or to your local park? Maybe you can collaborate with friends and family to make it a bigger and more memorable event? Halloween games aren’t just for the kids remember to get involved too, your child will love to see you playing and making a twit of yourself too.

Pumkpin Stomp

Orange Balloons make great Pumpkins for this game the one who can stomp the most in a certain amount of time wins! Trust us — it’s harder than it sounds. 


Toilet Paper Mummy Relay Race

You might want to stock up on the family pack of toilet paper for this one – remember to recycle when you can! Pin the Boo on the Ghost

Give thedonkey a break and opt for a spooky ghost instead.

Confetti Balloons

The child who can pop the most wins! See more confetti balloons. Sorry you might not thank us for this one!

Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss

Transform a cardboard box into a jack-o’-lantern game for kids to enjoy at your Halloween celebration.

Pumpkin Ring Toss

Pumpkins of any size will do the trick. See more pumpkin ring toss ideas.

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