A bitter lesson for parents this Child Safety Week

A bitter lesson for parents this Child Safety Week

Parents admit that, while nearly one in eight children (11%) come close to swallowing harmful liquitabs or cleaning productsbitrex
during the busy morning rush, just one in 20 parents (5%) prioritise keeping cleaning products out of children’s reach.

In a bid to drive home the message about childhood poisoning, we challenge you  to take part in the Bitrex® Taste Test and taste Bitrex® , the bitterest substance on earth.

Every day, 70 under fives are rushed to hospital with suspected poisoning. Cleaning products are common culprits. Three in four parents (73%) mistakenly think that safety caps makebrand_capt1 cleaning products completely childproof. However, some three and four year olds can open safety caps in seconds. During the chaos of the morning rush, it’s important to make sure products are stored safely out of children’s reach and look for products containing bittering agents like Bitrex® . This makes products taste so disgusting that young children spit them out instead of swallowing the harmful contents.

The Bitrex® Taste Test was held as part of Child Safety Week 2014, CAPT’s nationwide campaign to raise awareness of serious accidents and how to prevent them. Katrina Phillips, CAPT’s Chief Executive, said: “Mornings are chaos in many families, with parents rushing to get everyone ready and out the house. Accidents often happen when parents are distracted. So it’s vital to make sure liquitabs and cleaning things are well out of reach of young children.

We’re running the Bitrex Taste Test to drive home the message to families that safe storage and bittering agents such as Bitrex® really can make a difference to the safety of their young children.” Cameron Smith, Bitrex Business Manager added:

“The Bitrex Taste Test as part of Child Safety Week is a great way for us to convey our fun but serious message about protecting children from accidental swallowing of potentially harmful products. It’s great to see Mums, Dads and carers taking on the challenge of tasting the world’s bitterest substance.

“Over the last two years we’ve sent out hundreds of thousands of Taste Tests. Through this collaboration with CAPT we’ve taken an unforgettable message from the Shetlands to the Scilly Isles. Feedback from parents makes it clear that this is a uniquely effective way of raising discussion about keeping children safe.

Dare you take the test? Why not pop into our office and take the challenge? We could feature you on our Facebook page taking our challenge.

Don’t forget our ‘pop in’ event on Wednesday between 10am and 4pm – we will be offering refreshments

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