30 things to do during Christmas before you’re 3

30 things to do during Christmas before you’re 3


If you’re stuck for things to do with your child at Christmas, our list of 30 things to do before you’re 3 is perfect for giving you little ideas.

  1. Leave a carrot for Rudolph and a biscuit or a mince pie out for Santa on Christmas Eve
  2. Write your Christmas list to Santa with help from Mum or Dad
  3. Learn the words to Jingle Bells
  4. Make a Christmas stocking with Mum or Dad and hang it on the end of your bed
  5. Make a snow globe – shake to watch it sparkle
  6. Help Mum or Dad put the star or fairy on the top of the Christmas tree
  7. Make your ownreindeer hat
  8. Count sparkly Christmas trees in windows
  9. Make paper snowflake decorations
  10. Learn the names for all of Santa’s reindeer
  11. See your reflection in a Christmas bauble
  12. Get messy making salt dough ornaments for the Christmas tree
  13. Use face paints or make up to give yourself a red nose like Rudolph
  14. Make a paper plate snowman
  15. Play indoors with sock snowballs
  16. Make paper chain decorationswith Mum or Dad
  17. Pretend you’re Santa’s little helper and help Mum or Dad wrap presents
  18. Make your own Christmas cracker with Mum or Dad 
  19. Search for pinecones  dip them in glue and glitter to make glitzy decorations
  20. Sprinkle icing sugar or talc over your feet and leave footprints like Santa
  21. Make your own finger painted Christmas cardswith help from Mum or Dad 
  22. Chuckle ‘Ho ho ho’ like Santa
  23. Use a cardboard box to make your own sleigh like Santa’s
  24. Have fun at bath time and use the bubbles to make Santa’s beard
  25. Tickle your toes with tinsel
  26. Tape your Christmas cards with help from Mum or Dad
  27. Snuggle under a blanket to hear a story
  28. Make afootprint Robin 
  29. Turn oranges into mini snowmen
  30. Sing along to the 12 days of Christmas

Why not print off your version to tick off as you go along


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