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The Childhood Obesity Crisis

The childhood obesity crisis is likely to become far worse unless the government stops the sale of discounted junk food and prevents advertising of unhealthy snacks before the watershed, MPs have said. Last August the government set out its Childhood Obesity Planwhich included a sugar tax on soft drinks but stopped short of implementing further measures called for…

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Wear blue day 10 November 2017

Wear blue day 10 November 2017 We all know someone who has experienced bullying in some aspect of their life. We recognise that the impact of bullying can be a very difficult process to overcome. “Keeps being horrible to me about everything. He was my best friend. I can’t move away because I would have…

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Bonfire Night First Aid

Bonfire Night First Aid, obviously we hope that no-one needs first aid of a fun night but accidents happen so it’s good to be prepared. Every year, around 1,000 people visit A&E with a firework-related injury in the four weeks around 5 November. The most common injuries around Bonfire Night are burns and debris in…

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